Gold Coast Areas of QLD




Excavate silt and mud
Removal of the Dam wall
Line the Bottom of the dam with Bentonite

Rebuild the dam wall while adding Bentonite through the soil.



  • Completed

Spring prior to Summer is usually best, but we are available all year round



Dam Building and Dam Wall Repairs

We have performed many repairs to leaking dam walls for residential and commercial clients in and around the Queensland’s Gold Coast.

This dam put us to the test as it had 4 springs constantly leaking into the dam as we were trying to clean out the silt and repair the wall.

Before the dam wall is removed we first remove any water, silt and mud. We then start removing the existing dam wall and removing any large rocks or unsuitable material. Once this is complete we then mix Bentonite through the soil at the correct ratio and replace the soil in layers between 150mm to 200mm. This soil is then compacted with a pad foot roller using the vibration of the roller for maximum compaction. The compaction needs to be done correctly but not over compacting. Over compaction without the correct moisture content won’t let the ground expand properly. Bentonite will expand 13 to 15 times itself once mixed with water, this allows it to seal and air pockets or gaps.

Project Brief

Completed Dam wall repaid

  • Remove Water
  • Excavate Silt and Mud
  • Rebuild and repair leaking dam wall
The Result

This dam was excavated and completed in 3 days

  • We battled 4 natural springs constantly leaking into the dam but the dam was repaired on time and under budget.