Mount Cotton, QLD




New Car Parks
Access Ramps
Building Pads
Backfilling of Retaining Walls
Storm Water Pipe installation


Powercat Group

  • Completed

21 November, 2018


7 March, 2019



Mount Cotton Shopping Centre

Major extension of Mount Cotton Shopping Center and Daycare. We constructed new car parks, wheelchair access ramps, building pads, new footings, backfilling of retaining walls, piers and installation of storm water pipes. Prep is finished and ready for asphalt.

The new section will include an IGA on par size-wise with the largest IGAs in Queensland and comparable to a standard Coles or Woolworths supermarket.

The extension includes a child care centre providing for 195 children.

The supermarket is expected to open before the end of this year and the child care centre for the first term of next year.

Nine other stores, mostly food related, will be added and some existing stores will expand. 

More than 200 new car parks and a second entrance into the centre are included in the plans.

Project Brief

Expansion of shopping centre car park to accommodate new child care centre and shops for expected heavy use public area.

  • Increase car park places.
  • Well drained and clean surface areas.
  • Centre to be fully accessible.
The Result

The Mount Cotton shopping centre will be about three times its size when an extension is complete and is expected to open March 2019. 

  • New car park installed for 200 places.
  • Storm Water Pipe installed for drainage.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Ramps.